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iKS Music Video Productions Forms :

2-Stage Upfront Payment Plan

You Should Choose this Option If and Only If :

  • You are in an Absolute Hurry and Rush to Complete your Music Video.
  • You are only interested in Reducing your Aggregate Costs as a TRULY MAJOR CONSIDERATION.

  • The Progressive Payment Plan Allows you to elect the option of Slowing Down the Production Process of your Music Video to Alleviate payment immediacy. You can therefore Halt the Stages or Speed them up According to your Budget/Time Constraints
  • Whilst you will always have a Finished Product you can be proud of when working with us, there is inevitably less control on your part when Electing this Option…

If you have Given this Enough Thought and Consideration, Select from the Following Options :

I Understand and have Considered Fully, the Implications of Electing this option. I agree to abide by and Allow the iKS Music Video Productions Team to Exercise Production Decisions on my Behalf based on Information Provided on the Following Form. As Such, I agree to Fill this form out to the Best of my Ability.
First Name *
Last Name *
Stage Name   
Date of Birth *


Band/(if Applicable)

Phone (Office) *
Address Line 1 *
Address Line 2
Suburb *
State *
Postcode *
Country *
Email *
Your Song :
Name of Song
Genre of Song (i.e. Love, Dance, etc)     
Is the Song an Original or Covers Song?


Song Themes :

Is there a Central Theme Running through Your Song? 

Please State What you think it is
Please List Several Scenarios you may have in Mind to Express these Themes (i.e. Love theme- Couple Slow-Dancing in the moonlight)

Are there any other Peripheral/Secondary Themes Running through Your Song?

Please State What they are

Please Express Several Scenarios you may have in Mind to Express these Themes (i.e.Love Frustration- A boy and girl interested in each other keep on Missing each other by seconds)



List Your Scenarios in order of Highest to Lowest Preference :

Song Conversion :

A Music Video Represents The Addition of an Extra Dimension To the Expression of your Song, Effectively Converting it upwards from a Music Medium to that of  Audio-Visual  Media.

A Music Video is A Useful Tool in:

  • Helping you Market Your Song and the Message you are Conveying through the Song.

  • Endearing and therefore Imprinting your Song more Easily into the Minds of your Audiences.

  • Securing a Sense of Immortality in Performing Your Song…. In Years to come, You will always be able to look back proudly at this Accomplishment!
Your Song Lyrics :

The First Step in Planning your Music Video and its Approach and Layout Will be for the iKS Music Video Team to analyze and assess your Song and Lyrics.

At this early Stage, however, we will not require to see them. However, upon Initial Approval of your Application, we will require your Song Lyrics together with a Hard Copy of your Song.

This is why it is Important that we have as much helpful Information from you as possible .This is  so we can consider and Initiate the Process of Contractual Consideration as well as to begin Tailoring, Planning and Customizing your Music Video.

Length of your Song :


Is your Song Already Complete and in Final Cut, or do you need it to be Mastered and Fine-Tuned for the Music Video?

Mode Of Production : Will You be Present During the Production Process?
  • Consider the fact that certain factors such as Distance and Time make it unviable or impossible for you to be completely present during the Production of your Music Video.

  • This is Why we here at iKS have Developed the iKS in-absentia Music Video Process. (Refer to “in-absentia Music Video Production” in the Music Video Productions Section)

So Please select from one of your options below


Anticipated/Required Timeframe of your Music Video :


Date of Birth
Date Today (dd/mm/yyyy)




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