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Here at iKS, rather than ascribing to the cold and hard sales tactics of the mainstream supplier, we would rather pride ourselves on being a ‘facilitator’ to you, our treasured customer. Any Decision to upgrade or purchase an audio-visual system is considered a major decision and not one to be taken lightly.

At iKS, we endeavor to keep the prices as low as we possibly can whilst assisting you to make the most educated and considered decision. Before we proceed into the quagmire  and often confusing field of Hardware, Speakers, A.V. Units, etc, let us re-assure you with our :

iKS Basic Supply and Sales Philosophies (Entertainment Systems)

  1. We are aware that your money is hard-earned and that you should therefore enjoy the absolute maximum value for any amount you spend with us

  2. In Maximizing your Value-for-money, we ascribe to the “Get the best but one step less” philosophy in the rapid ever-evolving technology market.

    • Very often, by obtaining the newest product in the market, not only are you paying the highest price – New Technology Customers are often used as ‘guinea pigs’  by the large producers who will rely on customer feedback to improve on the models they are currently using!

    • 1st Generation Superceded models often are not only cheaper, they often offer you, the consumer greater stability!

  3. iKS systems are carefully and meticulously selected on the basis of value-for money-to-quality ratio, as well as the Universality of each component which comprises the system.  This means:

    • You are able to keep up with invariances in Emerging Technology. Certain components (such as Televisions) tend to be superceded more than others (such as surround sound speakers systems). In theory, therefore all that you have to do is just replace your television set to be up to par with the ‘new products market.’  (should you so desire!)
    • You are afforded more control as a consumer! Through iKS, you can either purchase full complete systems, or build your system up component by component to suit your budget and/or comfort zone.

  4. All iKS-Designed Systems allow you to enjoy our new interactive concept in Karaoke… But reverts back to an advanced Audio-Visual Entertainment System when the Karaoke Function is not in use. YOU GET TO ENJOY THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!


Here at iKS, we always function with view to doing our best for you, our customer. The issues we both face are as follows:

Keeping Prices Low without Compromising Quality

A Salient Fact – There is a LOT OF JUNK out there IN THE MARKETPLACE! With certain unscrupulous traders from unnamed countries who open up the floodgates on supplying apparently cheap products. However such products are just cheap imitations of genuine products which will NOT serve you well for any reasonable length of time!

iKS are not only suppliers, but we are also consumers of a whole range of Audio Visual Products and Technology… SO YOU HAVE THE ADVANTAGE AND BENEFIT OF OUR EXPERIENCE AND FORESIGHT!

Purchasing only what you need for your Application, BUT with the option for upgrading when you want/need it.

Very often, we encounter unscrupulous salespeople who keep on convincing us that we need everything in their shop! (Even their own mothers would not be safe from sale!). At iKS, we are only interested in assisting you in deriving a system which suits your needs at the most cost effective and value-enhancing price! We are NOT a predominantly Hardware Sales Based Organization, so we are able to focus on YOU, our bigger picture!

How IKS Addresses This:

Extensive Research is conducted on the Hardware and Audio-Visual System which we wish to potentially supply, based on variables such as:

    • Price                                               
    • Features                    
    • Visual Quality                                   
    • Sound Quality
    • Warranty Options   And more….

      We supply Systems tailored to your Specific Application {CLICK HERE} to link to iKS CUSTOMIZED SYSTEMS

      We offer you a choice of Complete Systems or you can build up your system gradually {CLICK HERE} to link to INDIVIDUAL HARDWARE UNITS

iKS SUPPLY PROCEDURES: Ordering our Products:

    Firstly, RELAX! We are not a high-pressure Sales Company!

    Decide if you would like to either :

        • Purchase hardware to complement or upgrade your existing System {CLICK HERE} to Link to Individual Hardware Units

        • Purchase your system gradually and Build it up over time {CLICK HERE} to Link to Individual Hardware Units

        • Purchase customized systems designed for Specific Applications {CLICK HERE} to Link to iKS CUSTOMIZED SYSTEMS

        • Just Simply browse and review your options:

        {CLICK HERE} to Link to Individual Hardware Units



Karaoke Converters for DVD Players

Portable DVD Players

Television Units

DVD Players

Projector Systems

  • Projectors
  • Projector screens
Speaker Systems

  • 5.1 Surround Systems
  • 7.2 Surround Systems
  • Sound Bars
  • Large Venue Supplementary Speaker Systems


  • Mobile Systems
  • For Home
  • For Office
  • For Recreation Rooms
  • For Pub / Lounge
  • For Retail Shop
  • For Hotels
  • For Large Commercial Establishments & Public Thoroughfare

iKS started out from our Humble Beginnings as a Karaoke Production Company pioneering its new Interactive Karaoke Concept. Being Karaoke/Music Enthusiasts, we know what it feels like to be enveloped and consumed by your own passion to sing and perform! However, here are a few facts you face as a Karaoke Enthusiast:

Firstly, not all your friends will want to go out to KTV or Karaoke Bars. Unfortunately, there has been negative and even criminal elements associated with Karaoke Establishments. Just visiting these could either expose you to risk or even interest by Local Police!

Karaoke Bars/Clubs are rarely establishments where you can bring your family to for some wholesome, clean entertainment.


We will supply a portable Karaoke System supporting our new groundbreaking iKS Interaktive Karaoke Systems Concept! Featuring:

  • Portability
  • Easy Set Up
  • Light and Compact, yet boasting High Quality Sound and Vision!






Living Room Systems :

Living Rooms serve as a gathering area for your family as well as for your friends and invited guests, So Let us Aim to MAXIMIZE YOUR OPTIONS:

Convert your living room into a Home Theatre Experience for Movie Nights With your Family and friends. Enjoy Karaoke Nights With your Family and friends! Your System Converts into an iKS Interactive Karaoke System when you need it! Whenever you need it, just turn your living room into a Musical Ambience Room. Sit down, relax and let your music soothe your senses and melt your worries away!






Bedroom Systems :

We have never believed for a nanosecond that the Bedroom is just for sleeping!

Turn your Bedroom into your own inner sanctum! A place to recluse from our hectic lifestyle and just chill and mellow… Enjoy the time with that special someone in your bedroom… He / She won’t want to leave! (Whoa!)





Bathroom Systems :
Your Time is precious! Fill in the time spent in your bathroom

  • Singing to your heart’s delight
  • Catching up on your News/Current Affairs or Television Programmes
  • Imagine shaving in the morning, enjoying music or your morning Television Programme.!





The fact is that there is a good chance that you spend more time in your office than anywhere else… So why shouldn’t you maximize your workplace options?

Incorporate Audio-Visual Capability into your workplace Switch On When you need it, Off when you don’t. The quick start up/Shut down function enables you to enjoy it even on short breaks!

Your Work Office :





Your Home Office VISUAL SYSTEM :




Cubicle Office Systems :






The way in which a company’s recreation room is outplayed has a direct impact on the morale of company employees and staff. Show them how much you care for them! Our iKS System enables your employees to:

  • Enjoy Karaoke (employing the iKS Interactive Karaoke System Concept) or simply to just enjoy a music-filled environment for everyone to relax in
  • Enjoy Movie Nights as a ‘treat from management.’ (You will Feel the love!)


iKS Commercial Video Programmes

The following Systems include a full calendar year of free iKS Commercial Video Programmes and updates. In addition to this, we offer a generous discounted rate for your establishment’s very own iKS Web-Ads™ to be Produced and Incorporated into the iKS Commercial Video Programme. Contact our Web-Ads™team at for more information!

Pubs/ Lounges with Live Performance Stages

Pubs and Lounges are heavily reliant not only on Customer Orders, but also on customer turnover, for sheer survival. Our system for pubs and lounges provides your club with Groundbreaking Technology which will set you apart from your competition, Improving your ‘Street Cred’ and commercial reputation:

  •  Thereby attracting more interest and attention from pub goers and Lounge Customers
  • Increasing general sales as a consequence of increased customers
  • Increasing turnover as a natural consequence of heightened demand (Customers in a crowded establishment tend to order more, especially if they know others are trying to seek entry in their place)




Price:  (Including:  a Full Calendar Year of iKS Commercial Video Programmes   and updates as well as a generous discount for your very own iKS Web-Ads™ Production and Incorporation into your Commercial Video Programme )

Systems for your Dance Club/ Disco Venue

TECHNOLOGY, TECHNOLOGY, TECHNOLOGY! The technology you are perceived to employ has a direct bearing and impact on your reputation and standing in the Club/Dance/Disco Clique Set and Community. This in turn impacts on your ability to sell drinks! Furthermore, the iKS Dance Club/ Disco Venue System  is designed to:

  • Hold and keep your Patron’s interest and attention by maximizing the stimulation of their visual and hearing senses without getting too overwhelming
  • Facilitate and Maximize Dance Floor Activity (Causing thirst and increasing drink sales)
  • Establish a reputation for your club as a ‘Hip’, ‘Modern’ and ‘Cool’ establishment within your industry.




Price:  (Including a Full Calendar Year of iKS Commercial Video Programmes and updates as well as a generous discount for your very own iKS Web-Ads™ Production and Incorporation into your Commercial Video Programme )

As a matter of General Principle, Retail Shops Thrive on positive customer perceptions. In Addition to this, Music serves to function as a powerful medium in which customers may be attracted to and retained in your shop, which in turn has a positive impact on sales volume.

A further advantage you will enjoy will be our iKS Commercial Video Programme  (with free updates for a year).  iKS Commercial Video Programmes boast a different ‘take’ and presentation to what is already out there, so this ‘difference’ is designed to enthrall your customers even more
Songs for your establishment can also be selected from a particular Genre or Classification geared towards your target market.

    Fashion Retail Shops :

    Fashion, in particular, is synonymous with music. Whether your shop is for the hip under-25 crowd, or for the more conservative 50+ and upwards, and in-between, we have music for all target markets!

General and Specific Goods Retail Shops :

Music serves as a great medium in modern shops (Particularly those in retail districts or shopping centres) as an image enhancer and ‘mood setter.’ Songs can be chosen which elevates moods of your customers, thereby enhancing their tendency to make purchase decisions.




Price:  (Including a Full Calendar Year of iKS Commercial Video Programmes and updates as well as a generous discount for your very own iKS Web-Ads™ Production and Incorporation into your Commercial Video Programme )

iKS Hotel Systems are designed to facilitate Hotel Lounge and Entertainment Areas where hotel guests may sit and enjoy the Hotel’s Entertainment Programmes over a drink or two hundred! In addition to this, a Visual Teaser, in the form of a Television Screen Mounted in the Lobby Area directs passing crowds to your Entertainment Area and other facilities of the Hotel (Via iKS Web-Ads™). In employing our system, apart from the premium Audio-Visual System you are supplying the Hotel’s Entertainment area, you will also be providing your guests with non-stop Entertainment in the form of:

  • Live Shows by iKS Live Entertainment Programmes as well as other parties (Our System reverts to a universal Music Supply System.
  • Even when the Performance Area is in ‘down time,’ Guests still get to enjoy an Entertainment Programme provided by iKS Commercial Video Programmes.
  • Guest interest and enjoyment is thereby sustained by our system, and your Drink and Refreshment Sales need not suffer during such ‘down times’

VISUAL SYSTEM: Including a ‘Teaser Unit’ – A mounted Television Screen with moving media playback loop capability



Price:  (Including a Full Calendar Year of iKS Commercial Video Programmes and updates as well as a generous discount for your very own iKS Web-Ads™ Production and Incorporation into your Commercial Video Programme

We can Design and Supply systems for whole Shopping Centres right down to temporary set-ups of sections for heavily trafficked commercial areas.

All this is Geared Towards:

      • Increasing your Establishment’s Profile
      • Harnessing and Maximizing the Marketing Exposure of your Establishment.

In any case, here at iKS, we work hard to ensure that any outlays undertaken by you or your establishment will be more than worth your while!

Segmented Applications :

These are usually temporary set ups geared towards attracting customer interest and attention in high-people-traffic areas. ({Click Here} to review Permanent set ups- Sectional Designations)

These set ups are able to transmit the iKS Video Programmes, and incorporating iKS Web-Ads™s which can be produced based on your market targets. Additionally, other content can be seamlessly incorporated as well.

The applications of this system are endless, including:

  1. Marketing a specific product
  2. Conveying Festive Greetings to your Customers
  3. Major Announcements
  4. Product or Service Awareness Campaigns
  5. And much more! Your imaginations vast expanses are your possibility playground!

VISUAL SYSTEM:                     


Sectional Designations :

These represent Permanent set ups customized to your establishment’s needs. The first issue you need to address is whether you need just a permanent display area without Live Performance Capability, or if you would like to Maximize your options with a Display Area boasting Live Performance Capabilities.


These represent permanent fixtures of Hardware Units along High Consumer-Traffic Areas. In order to maintain fresh content, iKS redesigns and refreshes show content regularly. As part of General Marketing Strategy, these areas can be assigned a name or label, which can elevate customer perception of your establishment… i.e. (Insert name of your establishment)’s TECHNO WALK . A Shopping Centre near a Cardiac Specialist Centre wanted to call theirs (X)’s Technoplasty. The Primary Purpose of this is firstly to Establish a New Elevated image for your establishment. However, Secondarily, purposes are varied as are applications:

  • This Sectional Designation sets itself aside as an additional feature offered by your establishment over your competition.
  • Money-making Capabilities : This also doubles up as a “Promotional Tool”- Certain retail establishments within your area may be able to promote themselves or specific Products or Promotions for a fee payable to your establishment
  • Rental Opportunities- You get to maximize usage for this area, as well as profits as potential tenants perceive your establishment as “THE PLACE” to conduct marketing efforts and displays.
  • Customer Gravitation towards this Area

Because of the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the show content, natural curiosity is aroused in your customers as they seek out the area to satisfy their own natural curiosity as to what is new. Arguably, as this word-of –mouth progresses, general curiosity will ensure increased and steady numbers of customers into your centre.

VISUAL SYSTEM:                     



Sectional Designations: Performance  Areas :

If you are thinking of or already have a permanent area in mind to designate for Public Performances, i.e. Variety Shows, Live Performances, etc, etc. iKS-Customized Audio Visual Hardware Systems will give you the extra features and edge to set you apart from your competitors.

With or Without a Stage: Performance Areas can be designated, depending on your Establishment’s Layout.


  • The System can be reverted to even cater for non-performance events- whether you have a permanent stage set up or not
  • You have the option of temporarily installing  a stage for performances and then removing this when the performance segment is complete. Our System can be designed to accommodate both scenarios interchangeably.

Applications Include:

  1. Festive Performances
  2. Road Shows
  3. Live Participant Competitions
  4. Karaoke Championships (Employing the iKS Interactive Karaoke Concept)
  5. Active Product Promotions.



Contact us at for more detailed information


Whole Designations :

Arguably, one of the main aims of Commercial Establishments would be Marketing; Marketing constituent units/Shops as well as marketing the Establishment as a Whole. Whole Designations, i.e., installing Audio-Visual Systems throughout the whole Commercial / Shopping Centre takes on and assumes a whole new separate and distinct Marketing Focus and Objective.

System Overview:

  • Systems typically Comprise a Central System Electronic HQ with Peripheral Screens set up in strategic areas of Optimized Human Traffic in order to act as a Communicative Marketing Medium on subtle as well as overt levels.
  • A Customized Marketing Programme is also produced, striking a balance between entertaining your customers and transmiting advertising and marketing messages
  • Included in Whole Designations are Sectional Designations – Performance and/or Non-Performance high tech areas (Please refer above for more information)

Please feel free to contact us at for more information.

iKS A.V. Systems team.




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