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Welcome to our Wholly New Concept!

Adding a Whole New Dimension to your Website. We are geared towards 2 Basic Objectives…Enhancing Customer perception of your Social and Commercial Profile and Maximization of the Overall Perception of all site visitors towards your Organization and Website.


  • How Do We Achieve This?
  • What Are Web-Ads™?
  • How are Web-Ads™ Designed to Work?
  • What are the Procedures?
  • Payment Structure
  • Web-Ads™ Form

In most Cases, Your Website is either a major or the Main Means by which commercial exposure to your company is achieved…

Through just simply getting our dedicated team at IKS to design and produce a Web-Ads™, your Organization’s profile is upgraded instantly as your website is seen as employing this futuristic dimension … Automatically upgrading your personal appeal and status quo..

“Perception Inherence”.. Be perceived as a Company or Organization which keeps up to date with trends and therefore as a  change-responsive and dynamically savvy institution leaving your competitors behind in a rapidly-evolving World…

Web-Ads™ are very similar in Nature and content to standard Advertisments; the distinction being that they are adapted to and tailored towards your company/organization website…

Web-Ads™ are designed to capture the attention of your site visitors and to draw them initially into your website. Whilst Web-Ads™are designed to be inserted preferably and in most cases, at the beginning of your website on its opening page, depending on your requirements, we are flexible and particularly in large or multi-departmental/product organizations, Web-Ads™may be inserted at every juncture within the Website.

They are playable in either/or Windows Media Player or Realplayer formats…


    1. Firstly, Review our own Production Samples {Click Here}

    2. Download our initial Questionnaire and fill it out with as much detail as possible

    3. Bear in mind as far as applicable, we advise instilling a degree and sense of humour  in your Webad as much as contextually appropriate.. Humour is a great marketing tool which endears hearts and enjoins minds… and will make your potential customer want to enter your website..

Sorry.. We know this is probably the most painful part of dealing with us. However we assure you we do our best to give you the most for your dollar when you deal with us. So, upon receipt of your completed questionnaire, we take time to review this FOR FREE..

Only if we feel we are in a Position to serve your needs 100% do we provide you with a written contract and a quote. 15% of the quoted price is payable upfront and to be submitted with a signed contract. We then Proceed to plan and produce your Web-Ads™…

We consult you at significant junctures of the production process… we will proceed based mainly on what you tell us in the questionnaire, and will contact you to re-determine your requirements or clear up doubts… SO IT IS IMPERATIVE YOU ASSIST US TO ASSIST YOU BY FILLING OUT THE QUESTIONNAIRE WITH AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE..

At the ‘halfway juncture’ of the production of your Web-Ads™, we contact you with some raw footage of our filming and semi-edits.. at this point, you will be able to see your Web-Ads™ taking shape and form.. If you are feel minor changes are needed, we do our best to accommodate these.. If you wish us to proceed, we ask for a further payment of 45% of the quoted price and we proceed to complete and finalize your Web-Ads™…

Finally, the Finished Product… We contact you and inform you of the Web-Ads™ completion, and upon full payment, we provide you with a Hard Copy of your Web-Ads™ in the form of Digital Media (DVD or Hard Drive) for you to supply your Webmaster for insertion within your website. We own the copyright of your final product for your own protection.

In the event you wish us to devolve copyright ownership to your own self or organization, we require you to pay upfront the final amount at the halfway juncture of the production of your Web-Ads™..

Web-Ads™ – FORMS

Preamble – Hello from your iKS Producer…

Dear Customer,

Firstly, let me take this opportunity to welcome you to our site!  Webads™ is an exciting new concept, founded on our desire to assist businesses and individuals ‘go that one step further’ in promoting their products, services as well as themselves! We tailor innovative advertisement segments produced for your target base, such segments being designed as an informative and entertaining complement to your website.

Webads™ have been found to be useful in:

  • Conveying information about a product/service/organization/individual.
  • Increasing your Market Share over your competitors

However, Webads™ goes one step further above and beyond your advertising objectives: Through providing an entertaining advertising segment on your website,  Webads™ furthermore:

  • Enhances your ‘Commercial Presence’ as customers perceive You and Your Organization as Progressive and Innovation-Embracing (‘Hip’, if you will!)
  • Has been shown to enhance customer curiosity thereby increasing the time they spend browsing through your website.

As Webads™ are always produced with the aim of endearing customers to your organization, you will find dealing with us an enjoyable and fulfilling experience:

  • We have your Personal and/or Organizational Interests at heart as we work together to assist you achieve your Marketing Goals and Objectives
  • We are completely Upfront and are honest enough to tell you if we will not be able to assist you with your objectives for whatever reason / reasons
  • We do not take on just anyone. We are Qualitatively rather than Quantitatively motivated, so the moment you become our client, you will find we give you our ABSOLUTE ALL!
  • Your Success translates in turn to Our Success once your objectives are met and your commercial desires are attained….

….So {Click Here} to go to our Preliminary Questionnaire and fill it out please, to the best of your ability… WE WILL REVIEW THIS FOR FREE AND GET BACK TO YOU A.S.A.P.!

We look forward to all future dealings with you! We will do our best to ensure your experience with us will be nothing but a positive and fruitful one! Have yourself a great day now!

Most Sincerely,

iKS Producer

Application Form




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