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Webads™ Preliminary Application Form

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Please tell us in your own words WHAT YOU SEE AS YOUR PURPOSES OF APPLYING A Web-Ads™ TO YOUR WEBSITE?
Pointers : Apart from the Obvious Financial Benefits, do you wish to provide your clientele with an additional perspective on your Company/ Organization/Product/Self?
Are you passionate about any aspect of  your Company/ Organization/Product/Self which you wish to express to your clientele through your Web-Ads™?
Is there a Gender Specification involved in your Target Market? (i.e. does your Organization or products/services offered gender based?

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Are the Products/Services Offered by you or your Company/Organization targeting a specific Age Demographic? (i.e. the 35-49 years old segment of society)

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Is Your Aim in commissioning the Web-Ads™ done so with the intention of mainly:   (Tick as applicable)

       Please Explain your Marketing Intents and Purposes in your Own Words…
Web-Ads™ CONTENT :
Here at iKS, we believe in applying humour (Within Contextual Limits) as an effective means of endearing your viewers to your Organization and its Products as an initial stage of your marketing process. Having said this, dealing with us here at iKS as a collaborative process by which we exchange ideas in order to come up with a webad we can all be truly proud of!
Please List any Aspects of your Organization which you feel could be potentially entertaining to those viewing your Web-Ads™ :
                                           Aspect                                                                                     Reason
                          E.g. "My Organization’s Name”                                   E.g. ‘Poodle Doodle’ (Dog Grooming) has a funny
                                                                                                                                   rhyme and a
Please List any Aspects of your Organization’s Products / Services which you feel could be potentially entertaining to those viewing your Web-Ads™ :
                                           Aspect                                                                                       Reason
                           E.g. "Our Cat Suit Winter Warmer for Cats"                       E.g. "Double Meaning Sexy Connotation"
Do you have any Specific Ideas about how you would like your Organization portrayed?
Do you have any specific ideas about how you would like your Products Advertised?
Are there any Further Comments  you wish to make in any capacity ar context with regards to the Webad you would like to Commission?
Please read the Following statement and sign below :
By clicking here. I hereby  understand that the above constitutes the Provision of Information with which the iKS Webad Team will review and process in order to formulate and design an iKS Webad. I further understand that whilst all efforts are made to adhere to my wishes, technical or other reasons may result in some variation and digressions from my expressed wishes. I hereby undertake to affirm my serious intention to begin instituting a positive Commercial Relationship with iKS, notwithstanding the fact that I am not obligated at this stage in any way, shape or form.
Thank You! We Will begin Processing your form and return to you with a production proposal and Quote! Wishing you a great Day!
Web-Ads™ Production Team, iKS




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