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About Us

Forward from your friendly Producer

Greetings! Welcome to our Web site and our Production!

I initially experienced feelings of reticence due to my uncertainty as how I could possibly approach an initial statement to all of you reading all this… after all, how does one condense all the emotions (Hopes, Aspirations, Fears), the effort (The Co-ordination,endless practices and rehearsals and tempering of various and varied talents and egos) and the beliefs in the production as a whole , in a statement as brief as this?

In a Nutshell. this whole production is based on the dictum, “Enhancing your Entertainment Experience…”  whilst all of us- Musicians, Singers, Dancers and behind-the-scenes executives hail from many and varied walks of life, we are all, without exception, Karaoke Enthusiasts. We all may pride ourselves on the fact that whilst each of us performs a range of functions within the production, and hold down more than one job in addition to this, everyone … and I mean everyone you see in our production are Karaoke enthusiasts…boasting this as a major hobby.(In a few cases, bordering on what can only be described as a ‘clinical obsession’!)

Due to our being immersed in such, we feel justified and qualified in being the ones to attempt broadening the current horizons of the Karaoke scene.

iKS is a new concept which aims, amongst other things, to Enhance the Karaoke Experience through stimulating a broader range of our senses on a Qualitative level as well..

The Basic Premise in our concept is that the audience constitutes a very important role in the whole entertainment process, and whilst normal Karaoke tends to ignore this premise, we aim to take this up and address it.- A stimulated audience is in all likelihood, a supportive one which in turn encourages the singer to bring out the best in themselves..

This touches on our single most important Dictum which has been cultivated on all levels of the production, amongst support staff and stars alike: Elevation and Encouragement.

We here at IKS, are firm believers in bringing out the best in everyone through encouraging individual strengths and talents whilst supporting and cultivating personal growth.


Not only do we have an instituted system designed to maximise audience stimulation, participation and singer encouragement,

We also provide the mime versions of every song for those who feel they are vocally challenged but may wish to get up on stage and develop their on-stage performance skills minus of course the singing… We have addressed your weaknesses… now bring on your strengths!

To You Clubbers out there!

Our Music has also been enhanced to achieve a ‘Club Feel’- All you Dance/Club inclined- we have not left you out or excluded you… Come join the Fun!


Prior to production, Songs, Lyrics and Theme pieces of our songs are subjected to deep analysis, very much in the manner of Critical Appreciation in Literary analysis- a tool of Academic English Literature.

Critical Themes, Form, Style and Songwriter’s objectives are all accounted for by the Classification Committee, which Relegates each song within our unique Classificatory System. The Classification System is proudly Unique to IKS and attempts to cater to all of you ‘Dance-inclined’ as well as those wishing to demonstrate your performance prowess..vocal or otherwise




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