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Ethics and Values

From the moment you begin any form of dealings with us, you can be assured of the highest ethics and deeply-seated value systems and principles upon which our production was founded. (It is worth noting that at least a couple of us leading this operation are Moral and Political Philosophers!)

We have all been in the situation, especially in the commercial or ‘every-day’ transaction where we have walked away with the adverse feeling or knowledge of having been ‘done in’, cheated. Or simply that we weren’t looked after by the person or organization we were dealing with… This will simply NOT happen with us..

This whole Production and all its entailing New Concepts were founded based on the adage of ‘Bringing out the Absolute Best’ in everyone concerned, so this lends its way into our desire to, inter alia, keep you, our client, happy.

Having said this, however, if you are one of those rare breed of ‘Naturally Disgruntled’ individuals who is compulsively unhappy and feel the deep-seated desire to find fault with everyone and everything, this may not be the place for you..  If you deem yourself to fit this mould, let us treat you with a song as you exit with all our greatest wishes for your search for happiness…{Click Here} to Exit (Song playing )

But on the other hand, if you could describe yourself overall as a generally positive individual, and are seeking a whole great new Leisure and Lifestyle which our concepts, philosophies and our Production affords and caters towards… WELCOME! {Click Here for welcome anthem}… Come Right on in! …Rest assured  that we will endeavor to forge a long, fruitful and highly positive relationship with you for a long time to come!




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