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Here at iKS, we are proud to have the honour of representing absolutely talented individuals! We Believe and have 100% faith in the Talent we back, so we will always go the extra mile for you!

iKS represents a ‘grassroots’ approach towards achieving your future Fame / Notoriety. “The path of every journey begins with a single step…” Applying a down-to-earth approach, iKS will ensure most of your bases will be covered. In other words, great attention to detail is employed at the foundation level… THE FOUNDATION UPON WHICH YOUR FUTURE SUCCESS IS BUILT!


  • Our Ethical Approach
  • Producing Your Own Music Video
  • Marketing Platforms and Strategy
  • Marketing Services and Options
  • Payment
  • Action Stations

Our Ethical Approach : Here at iKS, we wholeheartedly stand by and are truly proud of the talented people we represent! We adhere to the Ethical Philosophy of Maximized Positive Exposure which we apply in our quest to achieve the best for you, our Artiste!

Maximized Positive Exposure : On most basic levels, we rely on the philosophy that any exposure at the entry level Stage MUST be Positive and devoid of any notoriety or scandal.

At Entry Level Stages, you the Artiste, should be seeking recognition Mainly and Primarily of your Talents and nothing else. Any form of notoriety or scandal will detract fan perception away from your talents, which in the initial stages of your journey to Stardom, could prove disastrous in the long term.

(Of course once you attain Superstar Status, you can unleash your Demons as you Wish!)


This is severely necessary not only as a Marketing Tool in this Modern day and Age, but also as a Major Component in our strategy to market you!

We collaborate with you about factors  such as your intended Performance Image and Persona, and we analyse and apply your Song to your image in Designing your Music Video.

Once your Music Video is completed, it becomes a strong Marketing Tool which can be employed in the following platforms:

Marketing Platforms and Strategy :

Here at iKS, we employ a range of Marketing Platforms to help you, the Artiste, to get ‘out there’ and Maximize your Positive Exposure. The following are our Marketing Platforms upon which you are given opportunities to showcase your talent:

1. iKS Live Road Shows and Special Occasion Performances : A major part of our Commercial Activity involves Live Performances utilizing our Interactive Entertainment Concept. In this, Dancers and Singers Perform interactively with a Projection Backdrop providing a Memorably Enjoyable Performance to our captive audiences.

2. iKS Commercial Video Programmes : iKS Proudly supports businesses by producing Video Programmes to run en loop continuously. This entertains customers as well as influences the atmosphere, creating a positive image for the business. Part of the Video Programme Scheduling includes iKS Music Videos,  iKS Webads as well as Artiste Management Segments.

3. iKS Static Display Stands : Part of our Marketing Strategy involves conducting Static Display Marketing at heavily trafficked areas such as Shopping Centres to enhance Customer awareness and information about aspects of our production, including current artistes. We can also provide free sampling as part of the merchandising process. This can involve something as simple as a Key Chain with your picture and info as well as a link to your segment in our website...

Your Overall Marketing Mix:

Part of coming under the Artiste Management Wing of iKS involves our monitoring and being aware and sensitized to your overall ‘MARKETING MIX.’ A Marketing Mix in reference to you, our Artiste, refers to the different combinations of marketing elements which optimizes your chances of exposure.

Everybody is different, so we begin with an initial marketing mix based on all the information you provide us initially, applied to what we perceive to be the market forces at that particular point in time.

As we progress through our relationship, we expect to constantly expand the marketing mix to achieve MAXIMIZED EXPOSURE AND FAME for you, the Artiste. The whole process is highly dynamic and is best summed up as the ‘Scientific Method Applied to your Marketing Mix Model.’

This we feel is the best way of attaining your necessary exposure, deeming the best possible outcome for you, THE ARTISTE!


Here at iKS, we pride ourselves on ‘walking the walk’ over most who just ‘talk the talk.’ Yes, we firmly believe that from a marketing perspective that it makes sense to just ‘Push, Push and Push’ yourself (without coming across as pushy!), but how does this translate into a real-life marketing function or action?

Furthermore, your passion is a true asset... How do we deliver this passion so as to maximize its effectiveness for you, the artiste?

From our experience in this Industry, we know that it is ALL ABOUT MAXIMIZING THE EXPOSURE OF YOUR TALENTS! (Albeit in an INTELLIGENT and Cost-Effective Manner!)

Your Options:

1. MARKET YOUR SONGS THROUGH US! (iKS Artiste Management & Independent Artistes)

  • We are an Up-and-Coming Organization forwarding new and unique Concepts in the Music Industry
  • We are firm believers of ascribing to the ‘bring out the best  in yourself and others’ dictum
  • Your Costs are transparent, minimized as much as possible, and are on a Pay-as-you-go basis. This means NO NASTY SURPRISES..
  • You are in complete control as an independent Artiste. We give you a whole array of choices at each stage.
  • Begin seeing returns for your investment really soon!

    Let us provide you with an example.. Let us say, you have spent US$6000 for your pre-marketed Music Video with us..

    1.1 We may determine it may cost you US$6.50 to produce each DVD, or US$ 4.50 for an Audio CD. (Singles)
    1.2 We recommend Marketing Rates (R.R.P.s) of  US$7.99 per DVD or US$5.99 per C.D.
    1.3 Therefore, just from this alone, with each sale, you will be profiting at a rate of:

                   US$1.49 per DVD
                   US$1.49 per C.D.


2. Flyer Distribution: (iKS Artiste Management Clientelle Only)

Whilst we do not believe Flyer Distribution on its own and as it stands currently is the most effective way of marketing yourself, there is a method we employ which Maximizes your chances of Exposure. iKs is a multi-variate Production Company. Our flyers are therefore designed to Optimize potential customer interest and get them checking out your section of our website...

Flyers will therefore be designed with this optimization in mind – Incorporating one of more of the following (Depending upon the required objectives)

  • Interesting and Attractive Layout     
  • Enticements – such as Special Offers or Giveaways
  • Lower Sub-emphasis of other attributes of iKS Products and Services. (in order to Maximize Customer Interest)


3. Peripheral Merchandising: Mugs, T-shirts, Caps, etc.

(i) iKS Artiste Management Clientelle:

Here at iKS, we acknowledge the value of all forms of Marketing Propaganda... However, we carefully balance the potential gains from such expenditure and outlay against achieving what you have originally expressed as your “CENTRAL MISSION.”

Peripheral Merchandising is NOT CHEAP!

... So we often incorporate this into your overall Marketing Mix ONLY if we see the value of the returns in employing this as part of your strategy.
For Example, we find it useful as we begin our ‘Exposure Push’ for you to distribute Mugs and T-shirts to all your close Family Members and  Friends... the aim of this being to generate a powerful word-of-mouth process. This INITIATES THE PUBLICITY MOMENTUM,  which we, the iKS Artiste Management Team manage with great care and precision.

(ii) Independent Artistes:

For Independent Artistes, we will still endeavour to do our best for you in organizing your lay out and presentation of your Peripheral Marketing Medium...


Payment- Making it Easy for You:

Having been there ourselves as having started ‘from scratch,’ we know what it means to produce and function on a Limited Budget...

So, we apply a Progressive Payment Structure towards our Artiste Management Services...

  • Payment is required only at a Stage-to-Stage Basis, and not in the form of a Big Lump Sum
  • We Actively Collaborate with you to determine the next stage and are transparent and upfront about the costs involved in instituting this ...
  • We only Require a 20% Goodwill Deposit to institute the next stage, then the remainder upon completion of this stage
  • You can stop at any time and resume within a ‘reasonable timeframe’ when you are ready...
  • This gives you complete financial and directive control of your career...!

ACTION STATIONS:  What Needs to Get Done First?

[Click Here] To fill out the Artiste Management Preliminary Information Form. Provide us with as much Details as Possible...


[Click Here] To fill out the Independent Artiste Products Preliminary Information Form. Provide us with as much Details as Possible...

  • We will read and review your Form for free
  • We will get back to you A.S.A.P
  • We will only take on and manage your portfolio if we feel we can Give You Our All!




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