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iKS Music Video Preliminary Request Form

Name of Band/Singer *
Name of Principal Contact *
E-mail *

Website URL (If Any)

Phone (Office) *
Address Line 1 *
Address Line 2
Suburb *
State *
Postcode *
Country *
This is an Original Song written by Myself or in Collaboration with Others.
This is for a Covers Song.
Your Music Video:



Is there a main theme running through your Song?


Are there any Secondary or Supporting Themes interspersed through your Song?




Simplistically Describe the pace of your Song: (i.e. Slow, Medium or Fast)


Which Genre do you feel your Song falls under? (i.e. Rock, Pop, Dance)


Would you Describe your Song as a Dance of Expression (or Both?) Please Elaborate Why.



For your ease of Simplicity as an Artiste, we have isolated your Music video as comprising the 3 Basic Components:

a) Your Engagement Component

b) Your Expressive Component

c)The Closure/Climax Component

a) Your Engagement Component

  • This is the part of the Music Video where you, the Singer gets to address your Audience Directly, making them feel as if you are speaking directly and personally to each and every single one of them.
  • It Conveys your Earnestness and Sincerity as a Singer and the Belief in your Song.

Your Engagement Content:

Some Singers employ a sitting down position/location (i.e. a bar setting) or a standing and walking portion for their Engagement Content.
What Setting or Scenario will you be applying for your Music Video?
On top of this selected scenario, we also urge you to provide us with an additional scene setting behind a Green, Blue or White Uniform Background.

b) Your Expressive Component

This Component Deals with the Medium with which your Song should be conveyed.

Should your Song be conveyed through a Dance or Scenario Medium or both? And if so, in what proportion to each other?


Your Expressive Content:

Dance Expression:

Have you decided to perform a Dance Repertoire to your Song Track? (Yes/No)

(Go to "C.The Closure/Climax Component" Section)


If so, is it a Full or Partial Dance to your Song Track?


Are you providing your own Background for the Dance Expression or have you provided iKS Editing with a Uniform-Coloured Background to your Dance Track (or Both?)


c)The Closure/Climax Component
  • As every Story has a Conclusion, so should every song.
  • Songs should either conclude satisfactorily or ‘go out with a bang!’
  • Your Audiences will always remember the final 10 seconds of  your song and associate feelings to this segment, so this is a PARTICULARLY IMPORTANT SEGMENT!

Your Song’s Closure/Climax Component:

Given the Themes underlying your song as well as the Expression, how do you best imagine your song’s Conclusion? (Think of and provide at least 3 scenarios on how you imagine the climax/conclusion of your song)


The Song you are Providing Us:


Does the Raw Copy have to be further Enhanced and Re-Mastered?


* N.B. iKS reserves the right to make a decision on your behalf if we feel your soundtrack does not do you, the Singer, Justice


Submission of a Partial Copy of your song to iKS:

  • Just for the purposes of a preliminary review of your work upon which we make the decision to undertake your Music Video Production, we ask you to submit the first 25 seconds of your song to us. This protects you, the Songwriter as well from inadvertent distribution of your work over the web. It Pays to exercise caution ALWAYS!
  • Your Song may be submitted either electronically via e-mail attachment or by Hard Copy mailed to our receiving address. (Obviously the electronic version is preferable)


iKS Music Video Preliminary Request Form Disclaimer (Please Read and Sign)

  • I hereby understand at this stage that both parties- iKS International Limited and Myself are not bound in any way, shape or form.
  • This Document represents a mere exchange of information and initial contact between the parties above with view to the furtherance of the eventual intention to assume and create legal relations.
  • I have provided information on this document to the best of my ability and provided iKS International Limited with a Partial Copy of my Song
  • I Understand that iKS International Limited will review my material and contact me with a decision as to whether or not to proceed with the Production of my Music Video.
  • I Understand that iKS International Limited reserves the right at any time to terminate our association at whatever stage of the Music Video Production Process for reasons it will make known to me in writing.



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