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Initial Proposal Form: Music Video Segments

First Name *
Last Name *
Date of Birth *


Band/(if Applicable)

Phone (Office) *
Address Line 1 *
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Suburb *
State *
Postcode *
Country *
Email *
Are You a Representative Agent or performer of the Song to which the Music Video is to be applied?

( Please provide details)


Are you a performer applying directly to iKS ?

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If you are a Representative Agent  (Please Supply Your Professional Details)

First Name

Last Name
Company (if any)
Phone no.
Your Song (To which the Music Video Segment will apply to) :
This song is :

Name of Song :
Name of Original Artiste (If not Yourself, your group or band) :
Your song will have to be supplied in full and with Lyrics, otherwise we will not be able to process this for you!
I have supplied a set of applicable and accurate Lyrics to this Song.

I have supplied a full song electronically or in Hard Media to the iKS Music Video team.

Song Segments you wish to apply the iKS Music Video Production to :
Lyrics : Referring to the Lyrics you have supplied, excluding the title, mark the line numbers for each line of lyrics. Referring to the required segments you want us to produce  music video segments for, Furnish us with as much information as possible.
                       Segment Number                                     Lyric Line No.                                             Theme
                              (e.g. 1)                                                 (e.g. 12-22)                                  (e.g. Love expression)
Song :
Referring to the song you have supplied, supply us with the timelines applicable for the segments of song you wish to have the Music Video Segments Applied: (They Must Correspond to the above segment Numbers and Lyric Lines)
                       Segment Number                                Point of Time Started                           Point of Time Ended
                              (e.g.1)                                                    (e.g 1.31)                                               (e.g 2.29)
The Overall Song :
Your Song and your Lyrics will be automatically analysed in order to deduce its Themes and underlying messages you are trying to convey. However, we would like your input as well!
What do you feel is your ‘central Theme’ you are trying to convey through this song?
Are there any other Themes/Messages you are trying to convey through this song?
Are there any Themes/Messages you are NOT trying to convey through this song? (i.e. any issues you are specifically avoiding touching upon in your song?)
Theme Conversion and Expression:
The Role of a music video, apart from its Marketing Qualities and Functions is to provide an Audio-Visual medium in which your Themes may be expressed. Themes can either be expressed through a prevailing story line which expresses your inner psyche as a songwriter, or through Dance Performances.  Here at iKS we attempt to amalgamate these elements to express your themes.
Please List a storyline which you feel can be used to express your Song and its themes… (Don’t worry- we do this for you anyway. Your ideas give us a frame of reference to work with!)
Attendance Mode :

Payment Structure :  Select as Appropriate

By clicking here. I affirm this to be the equivalent, in part and in whole, of the full and absolute provision of my signature, with the sole intention of official the legal process of this form.




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